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Board Members

The Board of Directors will meet on the second Thursday of every month to discuss Homer Athletic Club business. Members are encouraged to attend these general meetings. Issues that arise may be brought to a vote by the Board of Directors. Issues may be brought to a vote by the members in attendance, also. Results of such votes shall be considered as advisory opinion to the Board of Directors.

A Board Member is elected for an annual term with no maximum limit. Active members who attend three or more general meetings during the period of October through September are eligible to be nominated and/or vote in the election of the Board of Directors. Nominations to the Board of Directors will be accepted during July and August general meeting. Nominations will not be accepted at the September general meeting which is when the elections take place. Eligible voting members will select, by confidential ballot, a number equal to fill the required number of Board Members. In the case of only seven (7) nominations no election will take place and all are appointed.

A special meeting will be convened with the newly elected Board and presided over by the sitting President. The seven (7) newly elected Directors shall determine which Office they will serve. Board of Directors is bound by HAC by-laws.

To reach the Board of Directors email [email protected] or individual board members listed below. 

 Andrew Rodeghero President630-207-8887 [email protected]
 Kate Melody Treasurer; 
 VP Basketball
708-307-2123 [email protected] 
 [email protected]
 Jen Malinoski Secretary; 
 VP Volleyball
708-267-6337 [email protected] 
 [email protected]
 Brian DeSoto Sponsorship815-310-0098 [email protected]
 Chris Malinoski VP Baseball708-261-7256 [email protected]
 Dave Lavaty VP Softball 
708-707-4525  [email protected] 
 Ray Thompson Field Maintenance708-347-3737
 [email protected]